Temescal Now #1 Exploring The Marvels of the Temescal Neighborhood Issue 1, Logos & Icons with Tour Guide Brian Brooks [zine], 24 pages, fully illustrated, black and white. publisher: Smokey’s Tangle, Oakland, CA Temescal Now Instagram Account

This issue began as a Pandemic Lockdown challenge to recreate every business logo in my neighborhood’s business district (along Telegraph Avenue, between 40th to 52nd Streets) in Oakland, California.

Black ink on white paper, folded & stapled by hand. Date stamped inside with the printing edition. Paper cover. Size: 5 1/2″ Width, 8 1/2″ Height.

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Blink and you’ll miss me in the opening credits of KQED’s Check Please episode on Asmara.

As a hobby I began plein air painting around the neighborhood (Temescal neighborhood, Oakland CA) in 2014. These paintings started out as simple portraits of buildings along Telegraph Avenue, and have expanded to include time lapse videos, and detailed maps, collecting business logos, and plein air drawings and paintings of daily construction progress. Brian’s largest project (by area) is an in-progress schematic map of Telegraph Avenue (40th – 51st Street).


Timelapse Video series from around the neighborhood. Videos Series Middle Of The Road (2021), Bus Stop Build-Out Construction Drawing (2019) videos on Vimeo,

Videos Series Hooper’s Loopers (2018-2019), Shine Hunters (2019) You Tube Channel

Middle Of The Road Drawings

Timelapse Videos of artist Brian Brooks plein air drawing the construction sites on the Telegraph Avenue road redesign. 6 minute long Episodes.

Oakland male painter photograph
In the middle teens to the early zeros, Mr. Brooks enjoyed plein air painting around his neighborhood, with concentration on Telegraph Avenue, between 45th & 51st Streets, Oakland, California. Pictured here in 2017. Photograph by Eugene D. Shlugleit.

In the early twenties Mr. Brooks created time-lapse films which used himself as a stop motion object.  CHECK OUT: Brian’s latest videos on video hosting site Vimeo.

Bus Stop Build-Out Construction Drawing