Oopsy Daisy new designs and animations (2022)
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Temescal Now a new zine collecting the Logos of my neighborhood.

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This Is How I Draw Cats Now drawings for Instagram


Boyz On Da Run

DBFYC (Da Boyz From Your Cul-de-sac) an internationally revered boy band is forced into hiding after their lip-synching is discovered during a world-televised event. Fortunately they still have their amazing dance moves which they use to escape the angry mobs.

ΩBoyz On Da Run was a three-part episode made for the short-lived Disney Channel series, Shorty McShorts’ Shorts, created by Rob Reger and Brian Brooks. Disney Wiki Link

Written by: Brian Brooks, Rob Reger, John Infantino, Kent Osborne,

Cast: Henry Rollins, Joey Fatone, Maria Bamford, Wayne Brady, Jeff Bennett, Mikey Kelley, Tom Kenny, Scott Menville, Kent Osborne, James Sie;

Music: Shane Tise, John King, etc.,