Brian Brooks in 2022

After achieving Peak Artist in October of 2021, Mr. Brooks took pause on all art making hobbies, and became, in his words, “a poet”. Just what the world needs. You can view Brian’s latest poems at this link here (45 mb).


Mr. Brooks posts his current work on Social Media site Instagram @BrianCharlesBrooks


Mr. Brooks was an early collaborator, illustrator, writer, graphic designer, and later art director for the Emily The Strange® clothing brand and entertainment property

Emily the Strange is Copyrighted © 1993 – 2022 Cosmic Debris Etc., Inc.

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Mr. Brooks was also the creator writer, and designer of Oopsy Daisy. Follow Oopsy’s Latest adventures on the @oopsyofficial.

Oakland male painter photograph
In the middle teens to the early zeros, Mr. Brooks enjoyed plein air painting around his neighborhood, with concentration on Telegraph Avenue, between 45th & 51st Streets, Oakland, California. Pictured here in 2017. Photograph by Eugene D. Shlugleit.

In the early twenties Mr. Brooks created time-lapse films which used himself as a stop motion object.  CHECK OUT: Brian’s latest videos on video hosting site Vimeo.



Boyz On Da Run

For entertainment, do check out this Brian Brooks, Rob Reger, Shane Tise, John King, etc., Collab; Boyz On Da Run!