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Boyz On Da Run (2006)

Animated short series created and written by Rob Reger and Brian Brooks.

Boyz On Da Run is a series of three animated short episodes aired on Disney Channel in the later 2000s. Created and written by Rob Reger and Brian Brooks. Watch all 3 episodes on YouTube, 12 min total length. [Link opens in a new tab] https://youtu.be/M_T99gRShqk?t=20

Cool Coloring Books (2014-2015)

Cool Coloring Books Collection: One Cool Coloring Book (2014) Too Cool To Color (2015) Three’s A Crowded Coloring Book (2015) Four-Dimensional Coloring Book (2015)Give Me Five Coloring Book (2015)

Cool Coloring Books are a series of coloring books by Brian Brooks. are available for purchase on Amazon

What If? (2013-2015)

A series of poetic questions with simple illustrations. If used correctly they can open a whole universe into new ways of thinking outside of the box, all by asking really stupid clever questions.

What If? Volume 1 (2013) , What If? Volume 2 (2014), and What If? Volume 3 (2015) available on Amazon.

What If? Volumes 1 – 3 by Brian Brooks are available for purchase on Amazon.

Early Emily The Strange Designs (1999-2002)

Illustration and design by Brian Brooks, art direction by Rob Reger, 2000.

Morrissey Gets A Job (1999)

Morrissey Gets A Job comic by Brian Brooks, 1999

Haunted House During The Day (1999)

Haunted House During The Day mini comic attachment file

Rock N Roll Coloring Books (1995-2000)

Radd & Badd Tattoo Flash (2013)

Radd Badd Tattoo Flash 2013 – attachment file (opens in new window)

A series of watercolors drawn with pen & ink and colored with watercolor paint on watercolor paper.